When It Comes to Mobile Gaming, What Do Male and Female Gamers Prefer? 

Women are rapidly becoming a market force in the iGaming industry, as they have been in almost every other aspect of life since the 1960s. If I may inquire, what percentage of gamers do you believe are female? Because women account for nearly 47% of all gamers on average, software developers are scrambling to find an answer to the age-old question: What do women want? 

Michelle Thomas is a dedicated female gamer and a talented writer who specializes in writing about gaming and online gambling. She offers some insightful commentary on how men and women in the mobile gaming industry differ from one another. 

One thing is certain: whether playing live casino games in Las Vegas or online free slots in Canada, the ladies are making their mark, and the industry is responding. We examine the primary distinctions that exist between these two types of market segments, as well as the areas where they share common ground. 

Where Do Women Prefer to Play Online? 

It’s possible that you were surprised to learn that male and female gamers play the same online games. The three most popular video games among both sexes are Candy 

Crush Saga, Warcraft, and Call of Duty

According to recently published video game gender statistics, this line of reasoning does not hold water, even though many people argue that it could be because women play whatever is available to them at home. 

According to Statista.com, the percentage of women participating in the iGaming market has steadily increased from 38% in 2006 to 46% in 2019. The vast majority of them play mobile games; it is clear that women know what they want and choose their games accordingly. 

Where Do Women Use Online Games Apps? 

Where men and women differ noticeably is in their reasons for and timing of gaming participation. 39% of female gamers usually play games that their friends and family members recommend to them. They prefer participating in activities or interacting with their friends on a specific platform, which is usually a mobile device. 

Female gamers have a more welcoming attitude toward iGaming than the average core gamers found among men, who make up 70% of gamers. Another 20% of participants are active on social media sites like Facebook. It’s no coincidence that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kris Jenner have appeared in recent social media advertisements for mobile games. 

The Age Range of Women Who Play Games 

Another interesting fact is the average age of female gamers who compete in online competitions. The millennial generation accounts for the vast majority of gamers worldwide. Women who play video games online are 36 years old on average. Taking a quick break to play a mobile game on one’s phone between loads of laundry appears to be quite common. 

Which Genres Prefer Women? 

A recent survey of men and women ranging in age from 10 to 65 was conducted in 13 different countries, and the results revealed that male and female genre preferences are remarkably similar. Sports, action-adventure, and strategy games were the top three genres chosen by both men and women. That was its final destination. Women prefer to play a broader range of video games, including arcade, puzzle, and simulation titles. 

Women now account for an astounding 70% of the user demographic for games in the simulation genre, which includes titles such as The Sims and Farming Simulator. It’s also worth noting that the vast majority of people who play these games on their mobile devices are women. 

What Do Men Do Differently Than Women? 

How Do Men Search for Their Next New Game? 

Men approach finding new games to play, as well as purchasing and playing them, very differently than women. Half of the male gamers look for their next top pick on review websites and online video marketing channels, whereas the majority of female gamers seek recommendations from their friends and social circles. Only 27% of male gamers say they learn about new games from friends, family, or social media platforms. 

In Discussion: the Age Demographic of Male Gamers 

According to recent studies, the average age of dedicated gamers is between the ages of 18 and 34. On an annual basis, the average age is decreasing. There are several explanations for this phenomenon, but the most obvious is that mobile gaming is widely available and reasonably priced. 

Which Platforms Do Men Prefer? 

Even though women account for 51% of all mobile gamers, the majority of men prefer gaming consoles and personal computers. This could be because shooter games are the most popular type of video game among men of all ages. According to the responses of all male gamers, 38% prefer to play first-person shooter games on consoles over any other genre or platform. 


With each passing year, online tournaments and staying connected to your favorite game via a mobile device become more accessible and affordable. It allows gamers of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy their favorite games without having to spend a fortune on expensive consoles, gear, or disks. 

Because of the widespread availability of mobile connectivity, everyone’s screens now have access to online gaming. The demographic has not yet reached its pinnacle. The demographics of players are constantly shifting in tandem with the ever-changing gaming landscape.

Danielle Rose