A Number of Professional Football Players Have Tried Their Hand at Poker, and Achieved Success

Jan Molby, Gerard Pique, John Carew, Teddy Sheringham, and Tomas Brolin, for example, have all competed in a variety of poker events. Tomas Brolin has also appeared in a handful of these performances.

Tony Cascarino, a former striker who has played for a variety of teams including Marseille, Chelsea, Celtic, Aston Villa, Millwall, and Gillingham, is also well-known for his poker success. Cascarino rose to prominence in the poker scene. Cascarino competed in the event in London in 2007 and finished 14th. Cascarino, on the other hand, won the Grosvenor Poker Tour in 2008. Former Arsenal midfielder Nicklas Bendtner claims he lost more than 5 million pounds playing poker while remaining at the club.

Nicklas Bendtner

Bendtner, who spent more than a century at Arsenal, was recently released by Copenhagen and is currently a free agent. He appeared in over a hundred games for the Gunners.

The football player and fashion model Philine Roepstorff are both featured in a new reality television show. During the program, Bendtner made the shocking disclosure that he had lost about 6 million pounds playing Texas Hold’em.

Bendtner said that he was always playing big stakes poker while playing for Arsenal and living in London. He also said that while he was with Arsenal and in London, he spent a lot of money on this game.

The former Arsenal player, on the other hand, remarked that he does not believe he ever had an addiction to playing since he was always able to control when he wanted to play.

Bendtner claimed to have spent a major portion of his life playing poker. He said, “I’ve been playing poker against professional players since I was 19 years old.” He stated this in the following sentence.

To become a successful poker player and compete at the international poker level, a substantial amount of effort is required. Consistency, judgment, and strategy are significantly more crucial than luck while playing professional poker. A person who does not play the game will never completely grasp this notion.

Ray Parlor

Ray Parlor’s trophy case is packed with trophies after a fantastic 15-year career on the soccer field. He is another fantastic Arsenal player. Ray, who was used to winning, made a stunning debut after being asked to play at the partypoker tables.

Ray was offered the opportunity to participate in the FootyAccums Night League Game on May 25th. Ray, who went by the alias ‘TheRomfordPele,’ won this poker game and walked away with a stunning 657.26 pounds in addition to an extra 735.97 pounds in reward payments. The poker event featured a buy-in of only $5.50 and had 2.265 participants, who contributed to a prize pool of $11,325.

Ray has played in about 500 cup and league games and has scored roughly 32 goals. Among the many trophies won by this club are three FA Community Shield Cups, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup, the League Cup, the FA Cup, and three Premier League Cups. Although winning a football game is a great experience, Ray believed that winning this poker tournament moved him closer to his objective.

Ray isn’t exactly a rookie when it comes to poker. Because he used to play on a regular basis at a number of poker sites in the past, there’s a strong chance you’ve battled against him without ever realizing it.

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Additional Professional Footballers with Poker Skills

Pique, Gerard

Gerard Pique is widely regarded as one of the top defenders for Spain and has been an integral part of the Barcelona club for a number of years. He has also won multiple awards for his play. Pique has participated in a number of poker events, all of which were a lot of fun for him to play. Due to the fact that he is so skilled at the game, it is possible that in addition to being a professional football player, he may also be considered a professional poker player.

Pique is a dedicated poker player that participates in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker on a regular basis. In these situations, his intelligence has shone through and made an impression. The fact that he made a staggering $56,000 while competing in poker tournaments in Europe is evidence of his high level of competence. The victory he won in the tournament was by far his most significant achievement.

Sheringham, Teddy

Teddy enjoyed a lot of success on the football field in England. He is a former player who had the opportunity to compete for some of the most prestigious football teams in the world, such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, and West Ham United.

Additionally, Teddy is a very talented poker player. After finishing in fifth place in the EPT in 2010, Teddy was awarded a total of $127,000 in prize money. Over the course of his life, Teddy has amassed more than $400,000 in earnings from playing poker.

Levi, David

In spite of the fact that he is the most underrated professional footballer on our list of well-known soccer players who have been successful at poker, Levi is an excellent poker player. despite the fact that Levi is the professional player on our list that receives the least amount of praise. Before becoming a member of Hapoel, Levi served in the Israeli military for a while. Hapoel was the name of his second professional squad.

Unfortunately, Levis’s ability to pursue a career in football was cut tragically short as a result of a devastating injury. After that, he made a change in his working life and started playing poker on a professional level. Over the course of his career as a poker player, he has amassed earnings of more than $2.6 million. Teddy was an accomplished poker player who competed all over the world and won numerous titles at the World Series of Poker.

A Few Closing Considerations

You should give big player poker a shot because several famous football players are featured on this list, all of whom have had success in the game. Playing poker online makes it much simpler to just relax and enjoy the game.

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