A Big Scam at Beatport Casino 

Several warnings about BetPort Casino have been made on various forums and websites that monitor online casinos in recent months. The website appears to be a high-end online casino, which is characteristic of many gambling companies owned and controlled by nefarious characters.¬†On the other side, beneath the surface is an illegal business that has increasingly seized player funds without prior notice or a plausible justification.¬†Bettors who fall for BetPort’s marketing and make deposits there cannot be held liable in our opinion.¬†

They work with some of the world’s most successful casino software developers and welcome first-time depositors with a ‚ā¨500 bonus. Beatport lists BetSoft, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming as partners, which is prominently displayed on the site’s homepage. In addition, they offer a loyalty program and an additional reward to consumers who play at their live casino. Beatport’s customer service is excellent until a player wants a withdrawal or disagrees with management, which is characteristic of many fraudulent enterprises. Regardless, they offer support via email, phone, and live chat.¬†

License Revocation or Suspension 

According to a June 2013 Casinomeister investigation, BetPort is not only canceling player accounts, taking player funds, and ignoring player inquiries, but the company’s LoveLotto.com website is also operating under a suspended license.¬†If you look at the address and firm name stated on Love Lotto’s suspended license, you’ll see that it matches the information on their Curacao license for Beatport.¬†

Even though BetPort’s license is still valid with the Directorate of Offshore Gaming, one has to wonder how long it will be until it is similarly withdrawn, especially given their current situation.¬†To ensure player safety and game fairness, games at an online casino must be licensed and controlled. Although some gambling websites may have legitimate business licenses, the vast majority of legitimate enterprises have gaming licenses.¬†

If the majority of a casino’s clientele are from Europe, the lack of good license credentials is quite unusual and cause for alarm. Because BetPoBeatportort does not allow players from the United States, the majority of their business is handled in regulated or legal gray areas. As a result, obtaining a license should be rather simple if the organization in issue is trustworthy and has a solid reputation.¬†If players continue reading Casinomeister’s Rogue Pit page, they will discover that Beatport and the other sites owned by the same firm have a bad reputation. Their reputation as lawbreakers is completely justified.¬†

There is no need to justify a forfeited balance

Beatport is currently mired in a scandal as a result of its recent activities. The most troublesome component of these issues is how Beatport goes about seizing users’ monies. They’re suspending accounts and stealing money from players with little to no explanation.¬†When players challenge the reasoning behind site closures or the confiscation of their funds, they are either given confusing and vague responses or are simply ignored.

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Beatport voided his ‚ā¨8860 winnings since other users from the London region deposited and gambled like his within a few hours of this own-deposit town transaction.¬†Beatport goes so far as to claim that the player and the other customers were not connected by the same IP address. However, the corporation has not provided any real evidence or specifications to support this claim. Furthermore, London is one of the world’s major cities, therefore it should come as no surprise if multiple players make deposits from the city in a short period.¬†

It is also worth noting that the deposits were most likely of the same size due to the deposit bonus offer contained in BetPort’s recent promotions. This is something that should be taken into account.¬†Beatport canceled the player’s account and withdrew all of his money, even though the player had not yet committed any illegal conduct and that the case was being “investigated.” The casino gratefully refunded the player’s initial money, but the establishment did not repay any of his gains.¬†

BetPort’s management never completed its “investigation,” although they did provide a few different excuses for why they took clients’ money. According to Gambling Grumbles, BetPort’s comment was as follows: “We founded the judgment that this customer is not a legal recreational player on the following factors.”¬†

  • Several accounts that behaved consistently across the board were opened rather fast.¬†
  • The initial payment was significantly greater than our usual initial payment.¬†
  • The gambling behavior does not resemble that of a typical leisure player.¬†

Again, these are broad generalizations of the claims brought against the player, and they are in no way, shape, or form a valid foundation for taking away approximately ‚ā¨8000 in wins from the gamer.¬†

Even if the player did inform his buddies about BetPort’s bonus offer and they all deposited identical amounts and even gambled on the same games, we would not be convinced that they violated any restrictions, as the Gambling Grumbles article also points out. This is because, even in such circumstances, the player would not have violated any rules. On the other hand, there is no evidence that this took place.¬†

The goal of online casino promotions is to persuade players to make deposits in those casinos. They also provide affiliate programs with the same goal in mind: to convince individuals to deposit money in their casino so that they might potentially benefit. That is all well and good, but when players win, casinos are required to pay those players their gains. 

Beatport is glad to offer its customers a wide range of games and deposit incentives; but, once a customer has converted these benefits into a sizable payment, Beatport no longer refers to them as “recreational players.” These allegations are almost entirely without merit.¬†

The complaint was not just debated on Gambling Grumbles; it was also discussed on AskGamblers.com, where the casino also uploaded the response they provided to Gambling Grumbles. The player expresses his dissatisfaction with the existing situation once more, and who can blame him? He won thousands of dollars, but they were stolen from him. 

He received promotional emails from Beatport with information on the deposit bonus. Beatport stole money from the player even though he had done nothing illegal in this scenario. He couldn’t have done anything else to keep himself from losing his money. Beatport was simply taking advantage of him while trying to excuse their heist.¬†

It should be stated unequivocally that the practices used by manageBeatport BetPort in this case are indistinguishable from pure stealing. These people are thugs and criminals. 

Beatport will not be closing its doors anytime soon 

At least for the time being, BetPort.com and BetPort.net are still active and have a legitimate gaming license from the government of Curacao. This is likely to change when their disadvantages become more common and well-known in the online casino sector. 

It would not surprise us in the least if BetPort switched to one of those “deposit-only” casinos or went out of business entirely within the next year or two. Because of terrible management decisions and the misappropriation of legitimately earned earnings, the writing is on the wall for Beatport Beatport and their sister lottery site, LoveLotto.com, which should both be avoided at all costs. Although we doubt that this is the last we hear of this gang of unscrupulous firms, we are hoping that the next piece of news we hear will be the announcement of their dissolution.

Danielle Rose